Chick VS Chuck in Madden NFL 17 (Madden NFL18 clips OTW)

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Chick VS Chuck EA Sports Madden NFL 17 (Madden NFL 18 Clips are OTW)

So, we go hard on gaming over this way. My lady is actually a MONSTER on the sticks.

Now is she better than me, absolutely not, however she has been going on an extended winning streak here lately and I don’t know WTF is going on.

As I began to realize the power of Youtube for connecting with potential music fans, I was blind to the fact that you are pretty much limitless as far as the type of audience you can connect and grow with.

So with Chick being my Star Pupil, I felt it was fitting to begin capturing our game footage.

So we created “Chick VS CHUCK” as a series that showcased our competitive gaming…ship…ness? toward each other.

Now sometimes it can get a little intense… Well look and see for yourself.

Here we are playing Madden NFL 17 by EA SPORTS.

(viewer discretion is advised)


Cuuhrazy Right? Did you see how my controller was messing’ up?

Thank YOU! Well, I guess you can’t win em all, but somehow it seems as if our XBOX is swaying the outcome in her favor all the time.

Well, I’m not sweating’ it because thats the first game of many so I’ll have my opportunity for some get back on her you just wait and see.


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