One of My (Cheats) – Motivational Videos in the Morning

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One of My (Cheats) – Motivational Videos in the Morning


I get really stuck in my own personal day to day over complication of anything.

I don’t know why but I just make things out to be a lot more than what they need to be.

Or atleast thats what I tell myself after my mind say it’s time to wake up and I think of all of the excuses I’ve got on hand to hopefully get out of whatever it is I had committed to, only then to think so had that I fall asleep and wake up 30 mins later, and late, and wondering “WTF happened?

Laziness. So how do I break these Bad habits. …

I Cheat…

And Here’s one of my favorite cheats below…


If #ChuckCanDoYouCanToo

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