The AMAZING DeadBeat Super Power Lead Affiliate System!!!

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****The AMAZING DeadBeat Super Power Lead Affiliate System****

As you begin to tread the  that is making money online, you’ll come to find that there are specific tools that are essential to the success of all online businesses.

You’ll hear terms like, Opt-in pages also called lead and/or capture pages.

Email marketing and email auto-responders, and If you suck at writing,  someone to write the emails for the responder for you.

A “High converting” Sales Page, A/B testing, tracking pixel or whatever it’s called.

You’ll find that you need all this other stuff, after you finally think you’ve got it figured out for FREE…

The Truth is that your successful internet business is going to come with some sort ofexpense. Whether it’s time or money is up to you.


I came across this system that allows you to gather another Key Component of your online or offline business for the FREESKY!!

That key component: LEADS

That system: The Free LEAD System. It’s literally free, FOREVER!

So, how do you use it?

Simply, give it way. Just, “give it away give it away now!!” (sorry). Seriously that’s all you have to do. Anyone with a business could use more potential customers so the possibilities are endless.

Now, for those of us who would like the opportunity of generating a commission,

There’s Lead Lightning.

For a small one time fee of ONLY, $7, you can make $6 from every sell you get by promoting you own Lead Lightning affiliate link.

Now, remember those essential tools I spoke of at the beginning of this post, well you still need those at this point.

However, with you now promoting Lead Lightning and earning $6 commissions, you’ll begin to quickly see the value in an All-In-One Marketing System. In fact, over time, once you log into your Lead Lightning back office, there will always be a nice courteous reminder of what that All-In-One System could do for your online business.

Behold ===> The POWER LEAD SYSTEM.

The Power LEAD System allows you to take FULL Control of every aspect of YOUR Business.

Those Opt-in, capture pages,DONE. Email Auto-what, DONE. High Converting Sales Pages, DONE.

At the Gold Level, the Power LEAD System also gives you the option of becoming an Affiliate. Which allows you the opportunity to earn a passive income within the system as well as be the HUB of your entire Online ENTERPRISE.

And did I even mention the training..? It’s too much for one post but if you want more in depth information about this awesome All-In-One Marketing System

Click HERE ===> I Want to LEARN MORE NOW!!

And I’ll see you in the GROUP.

Oh yeah, the group. The group is SO…. (see you inside)!



One of My (Cheats) – Motivational Videos in the Morning

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Sometimes I get really stuck in my own personal day to day over complication of anything.

I don’t know why but I just make things out to be a lot more than what they need to be.

Or atleast thats what I tell myself after my mind say it’s time to wake up and I think of all of the excuses I’ve got on hand to hopefully get out of whatever it is I had committed to, only then to think so had that I fall asleep and wake up 30 mins later, and late, and wondering “WTF happened?

Laziness. So how do I break these Bad habits. …

I Cheat…

And Here’s one of my favorite cheats below…


If #ChuckCanDoYouCanToo

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How To Make Money Online – Amazon Affiliate For Beginners

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How To Make Money Online – Amazon Affiliate for Beginners

With there being so many different ways, programs, this and that, regarding making money on the internet, if you’re on a budget, then you want the quickest most effective route from a to commission.

That’s why I thought about this video by my guy Dan Brock.

His “Deadbeat Super Affiliate System” really resonates with my own beliefs about creating a sustainable passive income online. I want maximum results with minimal effort (not really but kinda sort of).

Here, he’s bringing valuable information about an awesome option for beginners to affiliate marketing with Amazon’s affiliate program, Amazon Associates.

Like I’ve said in previous posts, I have bought Dan’s program and I highly recommend it to anyone that is ready to take action toward living a more Time and Financially FREE Life.

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Chick VS Chuck in Madden NFL 17 (Madden NFL18 clips OTW)

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Chick VS Chuck EA Sports Madden NFL 17 (Madden NFL 18 Clips are OTW)

So, we go hard on gaming over this way. My lady is actually a MONSTER on the sticks.

Now is she better than me, absolutely not, however she has been going on an extended winning streak here lately and I don’t know WTF is going on.

As I began to realize the power of Youtube for connecting with potential music fans, I was blind to the fact that you are pretty much limitless as far as the type of audience you can connect and grow with.

So with Chick being my Star Pupil, I felt it was fitting to begin capturing our game footage.

So we created “Chick VS CHUCK” as a series that showcased our competitive gaming…ship…ness? toward each other.

Now sometimes it can get a little intense… Well look and see for yourself.

Here we are playing Madden NFL 17 by EA SPORTS.

(viewer discretion is advised)


Cuuhrazy Right? Did you see how my controller was messing’ up?

Thank YOU! Well, I guess you can’t win em all, but somehow it seems as if our XBOX is swaying the outcome in her favor all the time.

Well, I’m not sweating’ it because thats the first game of many so I’ll have my opportunity for some get back on her you just wait and see.



It’s TIME to Make MONEY Online…

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It’s time to start making money online.

Here is one way of making $500/ day…

I always seem to take some valuable information from this guy. The “DeadBeat Super Affiliate,”  himself, Dan Brock.

I, actually, purchased his “DeadBeat Super Affiliate Program” and I will be bringing a review of it in the coming weeks.

But until then, I thought I’d share this amazing video about making money online with you.



This Video Changed My LIFE!

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First off, I would like to say that I really do appreciate you being here right now. You being means that a lot is changing. The video below proved to be big help. So i felt this should be the first post on this page. Take from it what you need and I hope it helps you in the ways it’s helped me.